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SPUDZ is for boys in Grades 1 - 5. Cost per child: $45

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T-Shirts and Hats

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Tip: Please take growth into account when you select the t-shirt size so you won't require one next year.

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Liability & Release Waiver

Do you give permission for the reasonable use of pictures and/or video containing your child on our SBC website or related social media sites?

I understand and accept that my child(ren) will be involved in a variety of age-appropriate games and activities through which injuries could occur. I, the parent/guardian named below, understand the risks associated with these activities.

In case of accident or illness, I, the parent/guardian named below, authorize an SBC staff person to contact a physician and/or ambulance. I accept responsibility for payment of ambulance fees.

I, the parent/guardian named below, undertake and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Summerland Baptist Church, its Ministry Personnel, Pastors and Leadership Board from and against any loss, damage or injury suffered by the participant as a result of being part of SPUDZ Boys Club as well as any medical treatment authorized by the supervising individuals representing the Church.

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